You can borrow from your 401(k)...
But many times, it's better to seek alternate financing instead.
Learn Why
Looking for an alternative to borrowing from your 401k?
How does a 401(k) loan compare to a personal loan?
If you have a 401k plan and need to borrow money, research all options before taking out a 401k loan.
Protect your nest egg. Secure your future.
Funds held within a 401k are generally protected from lawsuits and creditors. Even in the event of bankruptcy, your 401k is safe – unless you remove the funds from your 401k.
Why get a personal loan instead?
By utilizing a personal loan instead of a 401k loan, your nest egg can mature tax-free. 10% returns, compounded annually, is not something you want to take away from yourself.
Have you already tapped into your 401k?
If you've already maxed out the amount you can borrow from your 401k, then a personal loan is an excellent alternative. Also, you can use a personal loan to help rebuild your 401k.
Get a personal loan to max out your 401k contribution.
Utilize a short term personal loan to finance a contribution to your 401k, Roth IRA, or Traditional IRA and save big on taxes.
  • Borrow now to contribute by the deadline and save on taxes.
  • Invested retirement funds compound annually, tax-free.
  • 401k funds are protected from lawsuits and creditors.
A 401k is one of the safest places to stash your hard earned income. Your money is protected from pesky lawsuits and creditors, and can grow tax-free for years to come. If you ever find yourself in dire circumstances, you can borrow from your 401k without penalty – although we recommend you seek an alternate source of financing if at all possible. Keep your safe money, safe!
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